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Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair  | Tikal Appliance Repair - Lompoc, CA

Over the years, Tikal Appliance Repair has seen and repaired all kinds of home appliances...

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Washer & Dryer Repair

Washer & Dryer Repair | Tikal Appliance Repair - Lompoc, CA

There are few more essential appliances in your Lompoc, CA home than your washer and...

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Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair  | Tikal Appliance Repair - Lompoc, CA,CA

It’s no secret. Refrigerators are expensive. It is also a disaster when they break down or start...

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Welcome To Tikal Appliance Repair - Se Habla Espanol

Have your home appliances been behaving abnormally lately? Does your dryer take a much longer time to thoroughly dry a load of laundry than it use to? Is your dishwasher not getting your dishes completely clean? Then you may be in need of home appliance repair. Luckily, Tikal Appliance Repair can fix all of these problems and so much more for you. Don’t live another minute with appliances that aren’t working correctly. With the prompt and affordable service from Tikal Appliance Repair, it’s easy to fix your stuff.

We know how important your home appliances are to your everyday life. That is why we have built our business around our customers and their needs. We know you can ill afford to be without your washer, dryer, or other important home appliances, so we will come to your home quickly and get these appliances and many more working properly again. With professional, and courteous customer care, we have become one of the most trusted and highly regarded appliance repair services in Lompoc, CA.

Why throw money away by replacing your broken down appliances with brand new machines? You can save so much money by enlisting the appliance repair service from Tikal Appliance Repair. We have experience fixing all kinds of home appliances. No matter what condition your machines are in, you can be sure that we can handle the issue. We love to see the looks on our customers’ faces when they see that we have completely repaired their appliances and saved them hundreds of dollars.

Getting your appliances repaired is the practical way to handle appliance failures. Tikal Appliance Repair has a full staff of professional and certified appliance repair technicians. Before you give up hundreds of dollars replacing your old machines, let the pros at Tikal Appliance Repair take a look!

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